California Ski & Ride Courses

Introduction to Ski Mountaineering

Introduction to Ski Mountaineering

Lassen Park / Mt Shasta – 3 Days
$995.00 per person 

Our Introduction to Ski Mountaineering Course is one of the most popular trips we offer. A three-day course designed to teach basic skills necessary to climb and ski in more complex terrain. Conducted in two great venues:  

Lassen National Park: Lassen Peaks offers lower altitudes. Ski Objectives in Lassen are shorter but provide a great variety of terrain and difficulty. 

Mt. Shasta Backcountry: Mt. Shasta has lots of great skiing to offer. Avalanche Gulch, West Face, Wintun Snowfield all provide unique challenges, fantastic lines, and varying degrees of challenge

Winter Dates 2022

March 25-27 – Lassen – OPEN
April 8-10 – Lassen – OPEN
April  29- May 1- Shasta – OPEN
May 13-15 – Shasta – OPEN

Shasta Ski Clinic

Backcountry ski or Ride Clinic

Mt Shasta – 1 Day
$375.00 per person with one
$225.00 per person with two
$200.00 per person with three

Our Backcountry Skiing Clinic is a fantastic introduction to the world of backcountry skiing. We have developed a fun backcountry skiing clinic for the intermediate to the advanced in-bounds skier who wants to go beyond the lifts and resorts. We work hard to help you refine your techniques and make adjustments to the new gear. Start on easy terrain while progressively moving to ground that we will experience on a backcountry ski tour. We introduce basic uphill and downhill travel techniques. Receive instruction from a PSIA certified ski instructor or backcountry ski guide on strategies for backcountry skiing.
Winter Dates 2022

Custom Scheduling
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Mt Shasta Ski Weekend

Backcountry Ski or Ride Weekend

Mt Shasta – 2 Days
$650.00 with one
$400.00 per person with two
$300.00 per person with three or more

Join our guides and make an entire weekend of exploring the Shasta backcountry. Combining two one-day clinics allows us to access much further into Mt. Shasta’s famed backcountry. First, a full-day tour on the lower mountain puts the skills from day one into action and learning new tactics. Then on day two, learn how to select safely and negotiate both the uphill and downhill terrain. Our tour teaches us how to do this as efficiently as possible, leading up to an epic downhill adventure.
Lodging Available in Mount Shasta:
Shasta Bunkhouse & Bunkhouse Apartment
Mt Shasta Chamber of Commerce

Winter Dates 2022

February 25-26 – OPEN
March 5-6 – OPEN
April 2-3 – OPEN
Custom Scheduling –  give us a call 888.797.6867